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Offering, Accepting and Refusing Politely

Mr. Miko -



Would you like ...?

"Would you like something" is a more polite form of "Do you want something".
How to offer a cup of coffee to someone else:
Formal Would you like a cup of coffee?
Informal Do you want a cup of coffee?
Very informal Coffee?


How to accept or decline a cup of coffee:
Accepting Refusing
Formal Yes, please. No, thank you.
Informal Yes, I'd like some. No, thanks.
Very informal I'd love one. No.

How do you take it?

Saying how you would like your coffee...
Black with sugar, please.
White, no sugar, please.
White with sugar, please.
Black, no sugar, please.
A little milk, but no sugar, please.

Now let's see how Mr Bean does it...

Mr Bean is in the staff room at school. He is making a cup of coffee. Miss Smith comes in ...
Mr Bean: Hello, Miss Smith. Would you like a cup of coffee? I'm just making some.
Miss Smith: Oh, yes please, that would be lovely.
Mr Bean: How do you take it?
Miss Smith: With milk and sugar please.
Mr Bean makes the coffee
Mr Bean: Here you are.
Miss Smith: Thank you.
Their colleague Mr Martin comes in
Miss Smith: Good morning Mr Martin, coffee?
Mr Martin: Oh, great! Yes please, I'd love one.
Mr Bean: Milk and sugar?
Mr Martin: A little milk, but no sugar, please.

About the Author

Miko is a simple human who has hobby off reading, writing, and likes to learn programming languages with a little dream to be alike a coconut tree

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