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Accepting and declining help

 Mr. Miko -In what ways can you offer help to others in various life situations?

Takeshi is exasperated as his scooter would not start. Dylan offers to help him.

Takeshi : (Kicking his scooter) Oh, what a day!
I’ve been kicking for five minutes. This scooter wouldn’t start. Oh God, I’m tired.
Dylan: Hi Takeshi! Having trouble with the scooter?
May I help you?
Takeshi : How very kind of you, Dylan!
Please try your hand.
Dylan: (Starts it easily) Look, how easy it is to start.
You’re impatient Takeshi.
You haven’t put the keys properly.
Takeshi : Thanks Dylan.

Association Secretary : I need someone to give a vote of thanks in the function today.
Everyone is backing out.
Member : Perhaps I could do it sir.
A S : Thank you for your offer. But I’m afraid you have a bad cough. That might come in the way of your performance.
Member : Of course, Sir. But I’ll manage.
A S : Thank you for your spirit. But let’s not take a risk.
You’ll need your voice for next week’s culturals.

Expressions to remember:
Saying yes:
That you be great.
Thank for your offer
Very nice of you to help.
Saying no:
I appreciate your offer of help but...
Thank you but I think that I can manage.

Situation Exercise:
Someone offered to help you and you will accept it.
A: (What kind of help do you need?)
B: Perhaps I can do it for you.
A: (How are you going to accept?)
B: I will do my best.
Someone offered to help you but you will decline.
A: (what kind of help do you need?)
B: I can help you with that.
A: (how are you going to decline?)
B: Are you sure? but if you change your mind just call me.

Example for Vidio

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